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Realise excellence.
Embed continuous improvement.


We help manufacturing and distribution businesses to realise excellence and embed the capability to relentlessly improve. We do this by focusing your people on the practice of creating value through the elimination of waste – time, resources, capacity, cost and more.

Our process achieves high-value gains quickly. We guide implementation by your team, so knowledge is transferred, and the pursuit of excellence becomes everyday practice. 

Proven results



Fulfilment costs


Speed to market cycle time


Inventory holdings


It's how we work with you that makes the difference

The Operational Excellence Partners approach is centred on enabling and empowering operational excellence throughout businesses. We act as a coach, guide, and facilitator of change with your senior leadership and operational teams.

We're patient, encouraging, guiding and unrelenting in helping you make changes to get results that stick.

Tangible business benefits


Insights that reframe your business opportunity

We deploy advanced skills and techniques in operational diagnostics that use data and insights gained from every process stage. The result is mind-opening insights into opportunities for business improvement.

Enable a better customer experience 

The delivery of consistently high-quality customer experiences is the ultimate competitive advantage. Referencing the customer provides a laser-like focus on eliminating waste, maximising quality and increasing profitable delivery right along your value chain.

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The power of eliminating waste

We drill into the eight areas of waste that undermine customer experience and business profitability. You’ll see the money that’s leaking from your operations and the value-adding alternatives that open up to your business when waste is reduced.

Dial-up the performance of your business culture

Every business has the capacity to add elements to its culture that drive elimination of waste and operational excellence at all levels. We deeply understand that this is a people challenge and we know how to help you get there.

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Clear return on investment

Our focus on your business data helps define clear lines between all areas of value – from efficiency to cost reduction, productivity and the value of creating capacity.

It’s ROI in black and white.

"Under Scott's coaching and goal setting, we designed and re-engineered new processes and the physical layout of the business unit.

The result was an incredible 36% productivity improvement with the same resource – the effect immediate - and reduced customer complaints by over 60%. 

Mark Coupland-1
Mark Coupland, Business Performance and Engagement Manager, Device Technologies

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